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2019 Whitefish Soccer Camp


J4K is the leading and largest goalkeeper academy globally currently operating in 30 countries and with over 10,000 goalkeepers and parents trusting J4K for their weekly development.

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All trainings use the Just 4 Keepers Curriculum and Evaluation System  that consists of the Technical, Tactical, Mental and Physical aspects of the game with weekly progressions  with technical sessions focussed on the following skills:

  1. Correct Catching Technique
  2. Basic Diving Techniques (Low; Mid Height Shots)
  3. Footwork
  4. Angle Play
  5. Deflecting and Parrying
  6. Breakaways
  7. Dealing With Crossed Balls
  8. Distribution – Punting/Drop Kicks/Goal Kicks/Throwing
  9. Fast Reactions; Dealing with Un-catchable balls
  10. Advanced Diving Techniques (High Shots)
  11. Communication; Organization of Set Plays (Free Kicks/Corner Kicks/Long Throw Ins; Penalty Kicks)
  12. Recap Session

Filling the void in goalie training by teaming up with clubs for clinics and camps, and running weekly goalkeeper academies.

Don’t get left behind. We teach goalkeeping  skills needed for the modern game.

About Montana Premier Goalkeeping founder Stephen Swanger

Since becoming a Coaching Director for Just 4 Keepers Stephen Swanger has trained hundreds of goalkeepers throughout the Pacific Northwest Rocky Mountain Region. Stephen is the Goalkeeper Trainer for Bainbridge Island FC, North Kitsap, Southlake SC, and Eagleclaw FC, and starting Fall 2018, the goalkeeper coach at Belleview College, and has worked with dozens of clubs running goalkeeper clinics and coaching coarses.   He has over 25 years of experience coaching at all levels. His greatest experiences are training with professional clubs in Chile and Bolivia with goalkeepers from the 1st and 2nd divisions and playing on the US Army selection.
Stephen has a Masters degree in education and seasoned coach and teacher, Spanish speaker, and a life-long student of the game. He brings a passion unlike many others and unique insights to the goalkeeping position learned from mentor Ray Newland of Everton FC and around the world playing the game, and bases session plans from Just 4 Keepers’ curriculum on proven pedagogical learning and teaching methods endorsed by the USSF and FIFA.  All goalkeeper coaches who work with Coach Swanger share the passion for coaching goalkeepers and are insured with thorough background checks, and maintain the high standards expected by our Just 4 Keepers international group of professional coaches from 34 countries around the world.

Just4Keepers Montana Premier Goalkeeping has been established by director Stephen Swanger, to fill a void in goalkeeper training in the state. Often times, keepers are the most overlooked position when it comes to regular team training. Soccer coaches often just don’t have the time or experience to work to develop their keepers as you might a field player. It is for this very reason that we founded J4K of Washington in partnership with the Just 4 Keepers | Goalkeeper coaching around the world organization.

Inquire today about coming to J4K for a GK training session and experience what it is like to train just like a professional goalkeeper.

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Do you want consistent high intensity, action packed goalkeeper Coaching? If yes, you cannot miss the Just4keepers International Goalkeeping Academy in Montana. Just4keepers is now the biggest goalkeeper school in the world. In 20 years of operation J4K has helped over 1000 young keepers achieve their dream of getting to professional clubs around the world.   Our success is second to none, and our cadre of J4K coaches in the Pacific Northwest want to provide the same opportunities to you!

Just4keepers is a services to ALL Goalies! J4K will officially guarantee fun, learning and most importantly, IMPROVEMENT!  Just4Keepers Montana offers specialist intensive training via clinics and camps, and weekly sessions to boys and girls from recreational levels  to professionals! J4K also offer private one-to-one sessions. These sessions are very popular, your keepers will need to book early to avoid disappointment. Training is designed to meet goalkeepers at their individual needs to help them become the best keeper that they can be. Whether goalkeepers come to Just4Keepers for fun and to learn, or they are more serious about their goalkeeping, there is something for everyone.

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J4K Montana is Supported by Stephen Swanger, Coaching Director of Washington State and by a growing network of coaches in Just 4 Keepers USA.