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If you attend one of the National J4K goalkeeper scholarship events or you attend the Just4keepers National Goalkeeper Center here in Florida, we will showcase your goalkeeping talents like the keepers below to our vast amount of college coach contacts we ‘Personally’ know throughout the USA completely FREE OF CHARGE!

J4K has helped countless goalkeepers gain college scholarship and you never know, you could be the next J4K success story.

To attend a J4K goalkeeper scholarship ID event in a state nearest you CLICK HERE:

To attend a J4K goalkeeper scholarship ID event at our Just4keepers National Goalkeeper Center here in Florida CLICK HERE:

See Our Goalkeepers Below Who We Are Proudly Showcasing
D.O.B 5/21/97  – Height 6’4” – Weight 200lbs

Vincent Tasca

Co-Captain 2017&2018 seasons

2017: United Soccer Coaches Second Team All-East Region.

CACC Second Team All-Conference Team MVP.

2018: Unites Soccer Coaches First Team All-American United Soccer Coaches First Team All-East Region.

D2CCA First Team All-East Region CACC Goalkeeper is the year CACC First Team All-Conference

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