Pro Goalkeepers

Dear Fellow Professional Goalkeeper,

Thank you for checking out this page, if you are a goalkeeper who thinks about what you are going to do after your goalkeeper career has finished, you have 1000% come to the correct place.

Please let me quickly introduce myself:

My name is Ray Newland and I am an ex-professional goalkeeper of 10 years, and I am the founder of Just4keepers, which is currently across 30 plus countries and 6 continents., and for two decades now, I have been helping goalkeepers and goalkeeper coaches develop their own sports brand.

I am also a unofficial goalkeeper agent and have helped countless goalkeepers over the years get to pro clubs through my connections.

However, the reason for this page, is to explain what I am doing for current professional goalkeepers.

I have a DONE FOR YOU WEBSITE  that helps pro keepers start their own sports brand, so by the time their career comes to an end, they have a ready-made business to walk into.

Now even though most goalkeepers, naturally choose to start their own glove brand, it does not have to be goalkeeper gloves you start. It can be anything you are passionate about.

So if this is something you are interested in, go to the below link and watch the quick 10 minute video for more info contact me anytime for a non obligated chat.

Looking forward to speaking to you.

Ray Newland

Joining J4K

If you're interested in becoming a coach for one of the world's best goalkeeper schools, we'd love to hear from you.