Living in Seattle and having a competing goalkeeper glove company of the same name that is founder here I run across so many goalkeepers that for some reason believe that they need goalkeeper gloves with finger-savers.  However, why do so teenage goalkeepers the have the correct shape and good handling skills use these unnatural prosthetics?  At we do sell some finger savers, but that is truly changing with the new 2019 models.  We are providing what the professional goalkeepers want.  And not paying them like that other brand on the West Coast. provides gloves to goalkeepers

The answer is simple – marketing.

Our competitors here a simply marketing to what the parents think that the young goalkeepers need because they are afraid that they’ll get hurt. So, to compensate these marketing specialists created a glove that is honestly like wearing a boxing glove!

Professional goalkeepers that are of any quality DO NOT WEAR THESE GLOVES.

Unlike these marketing professionals that do not care about goalkeeper education Just 4 Keepers helps the parents are truly worried about  their child getting hurt, not by providing false promises of safe fingers, but with education.  Just 4 Keepers is more than just a glove company, it is a cadre of coaches supported by discount gloves that professionals in Europe wear. And they DO NOT WEAR finger savers.