Message from the Founder Ray Newland

Message from the Founder


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I cannot believe I have been running J4K for over 18 years now, how the time has flown by!

I have been very fortunate to have become a professional goalkeeper and extremely lucky that I was taught by some of the biggest names to ever play in goal, to name but a few. Peter Shilton, Peter Bonetti, Neville Southall and the legend Gordon Banks.

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These goalkeepers are legends in the goalkeeping world and I was honoured to be taught by them. However I kept EVERY training session, which is hundreds of hours of goalkeeping excellence, which I now pass onto young goalkeepers globally.

It is now my life’s mission with the help of the dedicated team of J4k Coaches to help as many young goalkeepers as we can to achieve their dream of becoming a professional keeper or getting a college scholarship.

Over my years running J4K, I have directly and indirectly with the help of the team of J4K coaches globally helped OVER 1000 goalkeepers get to professional football clubs and J4K has coaches well over 50,000 goalkeepers. I am also very VERY proud to be the only goalkeeper coach in history to take a GK coaching concept into 23 countries and across 5 continents

My dream is now to get 2000 goalkeepers to professional clubs or scholarships with the help of my dedicated and ethical bunch of J4K GK coaches worldwide.

J4K is now the yard stick that other GK coaching schools follow and although we are copied by sooooo many goalkeeper training coaching schools, we will never be emulated as we are focused on our students rather than money.

I am so so passionate about J4K and our students and our PROVEN results for our students that I could go on and on. So instead, I ask you to please take a few moments to look through our website and you will soon realise why goalkeepers worldwide choose J4K, as our success speaks for itself. Also check out the J4k Testimonies

The list of young keepers we have helped achieved their dream of becoming a professional goalkeeper or gain a college scholarship is overwhelming and still unbelievably growing….

So will you be the next J4K success story???

I am looking forward to seeing what the next decade brings for J4K and our students as I believe J4K has only just got started.

Ray Newland

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