I have a very good friend who played striker with Manchester United, Liverpool and West Brom. Unfortunately, his career came to a slow end due to a groin injury after six short years.

He and I were in a meeting with some other club coaches and he began talking about setting goals. So, I pressed him. I asked, “What kind of goals did you set? What did the goals look like?” I am paraphrasing our conversation, but it made me think and I thought what he said was very profound.

Michael said that when he was younger, his dad (who also played pro soccer) and he would come up with one and six month goals. A one month goal would be something like winning a header each game. A six month goal would be scoring a goal every other game. Michael comes from a long line of pro soccer players; so, I knew his advice needed to be heeded.

What does that look like for goalkeepers? I recently sat down with some of my keepers in Alabama and came up with some goals. With some it was catching 20 balls flawlessly without dropping. Some others wanted to get better on their collapse dives. Two wanted to increase the length of their power dives. Another good goal is catching crosses cleanly.

So, after you set your goals…figure out what you need to do to achieve those goals. It is up to you to achieve your goals, no one else.

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