Goalkeepers need more specific, concentrated, and focused training on the skills necessary for a Goalkeeper to be successful.   Imagine if you will a team practice at any club, even the “Premier Soccer” ones.  How much focused training with  many successful and realistic repetitions does the goalkeeper get?  We can agree and lament to say very few, if any as players are all trying to score with each opportunity and the Goalkeeper, dismantled, due to the impossibility of saves and the physical duress is unmotivated. Goalkeepers need repetitive and realistic situations that boost confidence and determination.   

Professional clubs have their own Goalkeeper coach that works with the Goalkeepers separately.  Premier Soccer clubs with skilled coaching for teams may strive to do the same. However, with upwards of 100 players who play at least a portion of a game at goalkeeper, it is impossible that these goalkeepers get the training they need.  As far as incorporating the goalkeepers into a team training progression, budgets are far too small for Goalkeeping Specific Training sessions for Goalkeeping Coaches to be present to integrate Goalkeepers into small sided to game scenarios to reinforce not the skills being trained at the Goalkeeping Session and how they relate into the team tactics.

Goalkeeping Coaches at these Premier Soccer clubs would be better utilized as consultants for the head coaches at each team, teaching tactical considerations from a Goalkeeping Coach perspective. Yet, as much as this is the best scenario, because of the small budget allotted to Goalkeeper Coaches at these Premier Clubs often find that their Goalkeeper Coaches are working other duties managing a few teams in the club as well. Often times more than not, the Goalkeeping Coach at a club is pining for a head coach position anyways and are happy to pass on their Goalkeeping Coaching duties on to someone else. SEE – Soccer Clubs Have A Hard Time Finding Consistency In Goalkeeping Coaches

To fill a void in Goalkeeper Training Soccer Clubs often times look past the obvious to refer their Goalkeepers to a Goalkeeping Coach or Goalkeeping Academy that can provide the concentrated and focused training with successful repetitions on the skills necessary for a Goalkeeper to be successful.  Goalkeepers are the most overlooked position when it comes to regular team training.  Soccer coaches often just don’t have the time or experience to work to develop their keepers as you might a field player.  

It is for this very reason that J4K of Washington in partnership with the Just 4 Keepers | Goalkeeper coaching around the world organization was founded.  Washington Premier Soccer Clubs now have an option with an International Goalkeeping Academy that prides itself on ethics and whose mission is to continue to deliver quality goalkeeper training for their students at fair price to help parents save money.  

Come and have a FREE session at J4K, you will see why we are so unique and how we can help you achieve your dream. Also you never know, you could be our next success story! Just4keepers – Changing Goalkeepers Lives for the better since 1999!