Zahr?te viac stabiliza?ných cvi?ení v ?elnej línii

Goalies live in world-controlled lines – lines. They perform exercises to stabilize the body’s bones, such as snouts, squeezers, cranks and droppings.

Of course, these exercises are great for maximizing strength and stabilizing the body in most athletes, but goalkeepers must prepare their bodies for specific movements that occur during the game.

Exercises done in the front plane help the goalkeeper in lateral movements, especially in agility and in slow motion movement.

Goalie players must move in every direction during the game so they must be strong and dynamic to make sharp movements. We see this especially in the case of H?J obstruction of the opponent with the ball or in the one-to-one blocking movement.

For a quick change of direction with the ball and without the ball, the goalie muscles need to be ready for these front line moves.