Brankársky tenis je vynikajúca forma herného tréningu.

PRE?O BRANKÁRSKY TENIS JE VYNIKAJÚCA FORMA HERNÉHO TRÉNINGU To book your free session, Email PACIFIC NW HOME FIND US COACHES CONTACT J4K Washington WASHINGTON ONLINE GK STORE Brankársky tenis je vynikajúca forma herného tréningu. Môže sa hra? ako jeden proti jednému, alebo dvojice proti sebe. Ve?kos? ihriska sa prispôsobý vekovým kategóriam brankárov. Pravidlá sú podobné nohejbalu a Read more

Soccer Coaches needed in Washington State!

To book your free session, Email PACIFIC NW HOME FIND US COACHES CONTACT J4K Washington WASHINGTON ONLINE GK STORE   With an eye on busy 2019 summer soccer camp schedule with up to 20 camps planned, Just 4 Keepers of Montana and Washington needs soccer coaches.   If you are a college level player and Read more

Finger Save Goalkeeper Gloves – Or No Finger Save

To book your free session, Email    HOME FIND US COACHES CONTACT US SHOP Goalkeeper Gloves for Sale Welcome to Goalkeeper gloves for sale  WA.J4KSPORTS.COM Welcome to Just 4 Keepers of Washington State‘s Online Store. For All Your Goalkeeper Gloves, GK  Kit And Goalie Equipment, Basically Everything Goalkeeping. SPECIAL OFFERS   JUNIOR GOALKEEPER GLOVES   Read more

Wanted: Skilled Soccer Players for Goalie!

The modern soccer game  makes the goalie position available for the skilled soccer player with good communication, athleticism, and footwork that has never played before.  Players, quick and fast, smaller in stature, that once were only seen as possession midfielders are now the more versatile striker.  This means that the old school goalkeeper; big bruiser, Read more

Choosing the Correct Goalkeeper Gloves

The Just4keepers Goalkeeper Glove range is one of the fastest growing brands GLOBALLY. With over 40,000 goalkeepers already wearing our gloves and many professional goalkeepers also wearing them with pride, so we ask you to give our glove range a chance as you will not be disappointed with the quality and price. With the high Read more

It Takes A Village: J4K Keeper Sawyer Gaffney begins his Argentina journey

  Video:  Sawyer Gaffney and Trainer Dario Herrera This past month Just 4 Keepers Washington State was in Buenos Aires, Argentina supporting Richmond Kickers and Davidson University goalkeeper Sawyer Gaffney begin his adventure chasing his dream of professional soccer.  He began his first week with a great trial experience at 1st division club Quilmes AC Read more

Muscle Memory In Soccer Depends On Development Of The Nerve Channel Not Just The Message- Getting Back To The Basics And Building Up To Them.

Learning goalkeeper technique, and skill work in soccer in general involves repetition. I’ve mentioned before how much I love repetition in learning. It’s old school I know, but after all of the pedagogical hoopla out there, in the end “Repetition is the mother of learning” whether you are working a on the contour catch, like at Just Read more

Good Habits Are Harder to Learn Than Bad Habits. Practice The Fundamentals of Goalkeeping In The Set Positon

My favorite aspect of soccer is when the game is broken down to it’s fundamental components; striking and receiving the ball.  The act of controlling the ball  to leave you and when it comes back to you: simply elegant, and it can be done alone, with a friend, a group, with competition or without.  At Read more

Trial by Fire? All young soccer players develop better with a positive introduction to goalkeeping.

Hey parents! It only makes sense that since every player on the team has a strong chance of playing goalkeeper at the U8,9,10 levels, then everyone on the team should practice and be prepared for the position. Right?  Unfortunately, from the biggest most cash rich clubs to the recreation levels your club effectively says, “NO!”  Most Read more

Bouncing Back After It Bounces In

Chi-Chi-Chi! Le-Le-Le!  ¡Viva Chile! I am just returning from the emotional Copa America final where I was able to watch Chile win and there was no shortage of goalkeeping highlights.  But, one particular play got me thinking about why being a goalkeeper coach at Just 4 Keepers, Washington is so awesome.  Of course it gets Read more