J4K Session Plan: Circuit Warm-Up

Just 4 Keepers’ Coach Stephen Swanger’s session plan  Tacoma, Washington. Goalkeepers circulate around the goal area between footwork, simulated collapse dive, and a high ball served over a rope or hurdle. Detail A ball is placed to the outside of each post, hurdles or a cord is place on the top of the goal area, Read more

Independent Goalkeeper Academies – Goalkeeping Coaches 100% Supported

While having a conversation with a goalkeeper coach from Los Angeles about what the brand R…ch does for his company, he replied “just a bit of a discount” and was convinced that this company allowed him “to stay independent” implying that I as a J4K coach am not.  With 2 academies now running, and 3 Read more

Bouncing Back After It Bounces In

Chi-Chi-Chi! Le-Le-Le!  ¡Viva Chile! I am just returning from the emotional Copa America final where I was able to watch Chile win and there was no shortage of goalkeeping highlights.  But, one particular play got me thinking about why being a goalkeeper coach at Just 4 Keepers, Washington is so awesome.  Of course it gets Read more