The goalie warmup goes from basics to an advanced dive in order to build confidence and have fun.

Too often do we see a goalie before a soccer game not having a warmup routine. At the recent goalie training session at Bainbridge Island FC, I intended to do a longer progression on “the three goal situation,” however, every coach finds “teachable moments” and last night really diving in (pun inteded) to the proper warmup was ours.
Even if you are not a Goalkeeper coach you can help your goalkeepers by reminding them to have a routine.   Granted even with weekly goalkeeper training sessions for novice goalies it can take months to get into a routine that is consistent before games.  So, soccer coaches and goalie coaches alike, do your goalie a favor and remind your goalkeepers of the importance of memorizing this routine, and help them by asking them to perform the routine in front of you and with other players.  Practice really makes perfect.  Sometimes, the pregame warmup is the most action that they see in a game!  So, remember the 5 things when coming up with a proper warm up for goalkeepers:
1. Work from the basics.
2. Create a rhythym
3. Build confidence
4. Practice some game-like situations.
5. Enjoy the workout.