You know what the difference between a great athlete and a good athlete is?


If you want to make it to the next level…then do WORK. You can’t rely off of natural talent. Read about Cristiano Ronaldo, Tim Howard, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, etc. They made the hard decision at a very young age to train at their sport. They weren’t playing video games, watching movies, sitting in the house, hanging out with their homies. They were working. They were out training when the others were having “fun”. Now they are having fun and all those others are still dreaming and wishing.

The consequences of their hard work was becoming GREAT!!! It’s ok to dream, but don’t let it be just a dream. Turn it into reality. Now, go do some WORK! Go make the hard decisions. Bypass the, so called, friends who are just wanting to have “fun”. Those people will drag you down.