The series of images below are of Luis Robles in training at NYRB, first closing the space to the attacker in a barrier position, then recovering to tip the ball.

The sequence provides insight on how goalkeeper coaches can design a training session that deals precisely with the situation observed.

It’s important that Goalkeeping Coaches create a progressions based upon real events that move from basic technique with little pressure to higher pressure with greater reaction and instinct.  Your goalkeepers will enjoy there session more and have a clear objective to the training session.

If you are a goalie coach always be on the ready.  Your next training session is only one play away!

Try this progression and share your videos! #j4kwash

Robles closing the space behind the defense to cut the angle of a 1 v 1.

Robles takes the barrier position after expecting the shot. Attacker plays the ball across.

Robles makes a recovery run, cross-stepping and using his arms for maximum speed.

Robles make the tip to save.

Video:  Robles- barrier to tip recovery

See the entire training video from New York Red Bulls All Access here:


Stephen Swanger is the Just 4 Keepers Coaching Director of Washington State