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Hey parents! It only makes sense that since every player on the team has a strong chance of playing goalkeeper at the U8,9,10 levels, then everyone on the team should practice and be prepared for the position. Right? 

Unfortunately, from the biggest most cash rich clubs to the recreation levels your club effectively says, “NO!”  Most likely, goalkeeping skills are NEVER taught clubs before the child plays in a real game. That’s bad coaching.

For the good of the sport, this needs to change!

Just 4 Keepers understands that when the goalkeeper position is new to players, many of the players, if not all, will be rotating in and out of goalkeeper during the season. So, it is extremely important to make this introduction a positive one.

That’s why Just 4 Keepers Washington offers guaranteed positive results in Introduction to Goalkeeping sessions for full teams.  All players receive quality coaching that teaches proper techniques for skill and safety.  Coaches receive important coaching points to review with the team throughout the season and to help with keeper warm-ups. Parents get reassurance that their child has been exposed to proper coaching before trial by fire.

You know the scenario: The child stands alone in front of goal with an oversized pinny or giant neon yellow shirt with probably no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into gloves or no gloves, standing stiff-legged.  Mom and Dad are a combination of nervous, proud, and angry for the coach’s or their kid’s choice.   During the match coaches and parents yell instructions that sound like a garble from the sidelines.  This is a brutal combination that can lead to a forever negative opinion of a very rewarding position or even weed out potentially committed talent as well.

Introduction sessions should ideally take place before goalkeepers are introduced during a game.    However, that doesn’t mean that it is ever too late to have an entire team have a goalkeeping session even at older ages.  Introductory goalkeeping sessions by Just 4 Keepers can even provide a well-needed break from training sessions and allow the designated goalies an opportunity to lead.  Remember that Hope Solo didn’t specialize at goalkeeper until playing at the University of Washington.  

The introductory goalkeeper training that Just 4 Keepers provides first and foremost a positive experience for young players in addition important techniques that make it safer.

Just 4 Keepers Introduction to Goalkeeping  provides:

  • Fun footwork and ball handling drills and games
  • Proper catching techniques
  • How to dive safely
  • Distribution through rolling, punting and throwing
  • Safe techniques for winning free balls on the ground and in the air. 

** Teams that participate in two introductory sessions get a free pair of gloves and all players that participate in these clinics get a 25% discount on any Product at our J4K online shop.

Happy Goalkeeping

Just4Keepers, Washington, USA