The modern soccer game  makes the goalie position available for the skilled soccer player with good communication, athleticism, and footwork that has never played before.  Players, quick and fast, smaller in stature, that once were only seen as possession midfielders are now the more versatile striker.  This means that the old school goalkeeper; big bruiser, banging through bodies type doesn’t always work as a goalie anymore.  And that versatile striker?  Well they might just be the perfect candidate for goalkeeping!   

This is why J4K Washington offers a variety of training programs including private and small group sessions, clinics, and camps  to fit the goalkeeper’s unique needs whether it be teaching the handling and positioning of a new position to a soccer player with potential, or continuous attention and feedback for the expert goalkeeper.   The purpose of this specialized training is to allow goalkeepers to receive the special attention that each player needs, and is often lacking in the typical team training session.

GK training sessions run year-round — Join a session at J4K Washington today! Receive incredible discounts on J4K Gloves and Equipment!

Each weekend in January and February 2018 Goalies have enjoyed professional training with J4K Washington

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