Washington goalkeeping coaches want the best for their students, from the quality of training to the quality of their equipment, and these days Washington goalkeepers are seeing more and more of J4K goalkeeping gloves around the fields because of the growth of Just 4 Keepers Washington’s weekly training sessions, the excitement of the arrival of Bruce Grobbelaar to our J4K Summer ID camps, because Just 4 Keepers is the fastest growing goalkeeping glove brand worldwide.

The J4K Goalkeeper Glove range is now one of the fastest growing brands GLOBALLY.

Ray Newland  , Just 4 Keepers CEO, wants to do the right thing for Washington goalkeeper families by selling goalkeepers gloves that are exact same specifications as the so called big brands, and in some cases for 75% cheaper.  In his words, “ we want to do the right thing for young goalkeepers because it was not too long ago, i was one of these younger keepers… so i have not forgotten where i come from and the struggle my parents made just to buy my goalkeeper gloves.”    

This philosophy is passed down to the ranks of J4K coaches who don’t see themselves as salesmen for a goalkeeping glove brand, rather goalkeeping coaches who just so happen to have a great goalkeeper glove.  Other Seattle goalkeeping glove companies that pay  MLS professional goalkeepers to wear their goalkeeper gloves for exposure and pass the expense down to goalkeeper families.  In contrast Just 4 Keepers truly cares about it’s clientele form providing quality coaching at a fair price to low-cost gloves that professionals wear.

Travis Worra, D.C. United’s No. 2 goalkeeper on loan to Richmond Kickers stops a penalty kick in victory over Harrisburg City Islanders