J4K Washington uses the The Future Lions academy management system.


  • Start position in line of ball & GK ready on front foot to move forward.
  • Assessment: advance or hold position & defend goal.
  • Put onus on A & move forward only when ball is out of A’s feet.
  • Delay, remain big (stay on feet) & force A wide if possible.
  • Recovery runs of D, recovery saves & recovery lines of retreat.
  • Constant awareness of position in penalty area relative to ball & goal.
  • 2 techniques to focus on: diving at feet & smothering.
  • Dependent factors of selection of diving or smothering techniques, as previously described.

Practice Organisation

  • Area 50x54yds, with edges of penalty area coned-off & appropriate size goal, as illustrated.
  • 10 players (incl. 2GK’s), arranged 2 Attackers & Defenders working in 2 groups.
  • 8 balls with each group of 2v2.
  • Practice starts with: first group start in a wide position; the other, central.
  • D1 makes back pass for GK to advance & save, with A chasing through to apply pressure & capitalize on possible GK error.
  • Practice develops with variation in outcome of initial pass from D (as described in progression below).
  • Progression of outcome of initial D pass for this practice are:

–          D plays through & A receives to take-on to goal.

–          Condition A to 5 second time limit to score, but allowing as many touches on ball as required.

–          D makes recovery from misplaced back pass.

–          2D’s recover from misplaced back pass.

–          2A’s attack back pass & 2D’s recover to defend.

Key Coaching Points

1. Close down the ball quickly

2. Get as low and as big as possible

3. W eight forward on balls of feet

4. Force the attacker away from the goal

5. Decision – Stalk or smother

6. Recovery back to goal

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