Goalkeepers Are Risk  Managers

“Risk management” is the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks.  I continually remind my goalkeepers that it is essential they learn this. “Do not stand on the goal line” is one of the first basics they learn.  Although they quickly grasp the concept of “cutting the angle” and “playing the arc”, it is necessary to continually remind Read more

It is How You Play the Game

I learned this lesson many years ago as a ten year old at summer camp. I played many sports and was accustomed to winning. Towards the end of the summer I pitched a one hitter, but lost the softball game in the last inning 1-0. I was so upset about losing that I went to my bunk and cried.

Goalkeepers Need to Extend Themselves

Simon Robinson, owner / coach of J4K of East PA, posted “Until You Give It a Go -You Don’t Know!!” on October 31, 2016.  It is excellent advice for all goalkeepers, particularly the younger ones who are in the early stages of their training. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I have elected to emphasize the Read more

Backup Goalkeepers Are Important

Games are won or lost in practice. I have heard too many players say they will turn it on for the game. Although possible with some players, this is rarely the case.

The Goalkeeper is Never at Fault!

During my ten year goalkeeping career, I believed that, “unless a slow roller went through my legs, all goals were the result of someone else’s mistake”. If all field players in front of the goalkeeper did their job properly, the ball would never reach them.