Every year as the indoor soccer goalkeeper training in New Jersey begins we get the same question asked over and over again from parents that are watching the training sessions. “Why do you spent so much time working on footwork and handling the ball with the feet when this is supposed to ge goalkeeper training”. Unfortunately, most have been taught that a soccer goalkeeper must be great with his/her hands and be able to dive all over the place. Nothing is further from the truth.
In today’s modern soccer game a goalkeeper must have GREAT footwork, be able to play the ball with his feet and have good movement, and balance with his body regardless if he/she is handling the ball with the hands or the feet. If a goalkeeper has any plans on playing at a higher level he/she must be aware that coaches are looking for goalkeepers that are good with both feet and hands. Unfortunately most youth parent coaches do not put emphasis on the goalkeeper position and just stick the lesser skilled player in the goal. Then they instruct all the field players to NEVER play the ball back to the keeper out of fear they may concede a goal. When the goalkeeper gets the ball they are told to just kick the ball. All these things must change and more coaching education has to be spent on coaches understanding why a goalkeeper must have great foot skills as well as hand skills.
In today’s game a goalkeeper is just another field player who can use their hands. To top it all off a goalkeeper must have great balance and positioning. A goalkeeper must be able to go from one side of the goal to the other with the least amount of effort. He/she must be able to dominate the 18 yard box and having balance as well as knowing where, when and how to position himself is crucial to making a save. When you see a goalkeeper making all these flying saves, most will applaud and say how great he is. An experience coach will tell you that he/she were off balanced or out of position and that is why they were forced to make a desperate diving save. Goalkeepers that have good balance, know how to properly position themselves as well as their defence, so they can make saves look easy. This is why just4keepers puts emphasis on foot skills as well as balance and agility. Come train with us and see what exactly the difference is.