Now this post might cut to the bone with a few goalkeepers, but I really hope my advice is taken in the right light, and it motivates you to do something about it, if you are doing the below.

I have been asked (seriously) 10,000 plus times over my 20 plus years helping goalkeepers achieve their dreams, ‘Ray, I want to become a professional goalkeeper, what do I need to do?’

So I then give more or less the same advice, find the best goalkeeper coach in your area (who has proven results for their students, because most do not) and once you find the best goalkeeper coach, train harder than your competition!

And this is where most goalkeepers sadly fail!

They do not put in the hard work, or they think they are putting in the hard and smart work, but they are not. (Mostly because they have the wrong mentor/coach, so getting wrong advice).

We are also in a day an age that some people think, just because the want something, that they should be entitled to get what they want, even though they have put little effort into achieving their dreams. But life does not work out this way!

Now look, I know there Is a lot more to it than just hard work, there is also ability to take into consideration, knowing the right people, and luck etc, but I am just touching on the basics here that ANYBODY can do!

And that is… work harder than the average and your peers!

By working harder than your peers, will give you the edge because from experience I know 95% of goalkeepers do not put in the workload necessary to achieve their dreams.

I am still so surprised when a goalkeeper will come to me depressed and state ‘Ray, I am gutted I am not at a professional goalkeeper yet, or at my favourite college’

And my answer is, ‘What do you expect, you only train twice per week, and play once, you are not working hard enough!’ (Please Note: I state the above not as abrupt when I speak, I do sugar coat it most of the time as I am trying to help the goalkeeper(s) who come to me for advice.

But you need to think about this, how can a goalkeeper expect to achieve their dreams, if they are getting outworked by their competition? If they are only training just once or twice per week, and their competition is training everyday, for the most part, who do you think is going to win?

As obvious as this sounds, most goalkeepers do not understand this very simple principle (And for the most part it is not their fault, they have the wrong mentor/coach).

So if you are a goalkeeper who is trying to achieve their dreams, remember just by working harder than your competition, will give you the edge over most.

Disclaimer: However it is not just about hard work. It is also about working hard and SMART and doing the right things. This is why it is VITAL to your success you find the correct mentor/coach who will best advise what you need to do.

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J4K will give you the correct advice, you just need to ‘turn up DAILY and put in the HARD WORK and worker HARDER and SMARTER than your competition.’

Now go and achieve your dreams!

Have a great weekend

Ray Newland