One Save at a Time

I want to focus on this Blog about how to deal with the Stress of playing this Unique position! Let’s be honest, being a keeper is a Stressful position that not everyone can play. It takes as much, if not more mental strength to be a keeper than physical and technical attributes. As a keeper Read more

More than the Score

When I ask my ‘Newer’ Academy Keepers how ‘they’ did in their most recent games, I get “We Won 2-1?, or “We Tied”, or “We Lost 1-0?. When I tell them I’m not interested in the score, they look at me with a puzzled expression. I then repeat the Question, “How did ‘YOU’ do in Read more

J4K Keepers Bring Home the Titles in the East Region ODP Championships

J4K of East PA Keepers played a huge part in helping several East PA ODP teams be crowned Region 1 ODP Champions this past weekend in Kirkwood DE.  Zach R. made several crucial saves and was instrumental in the buildup to the first Goal for the 2001 (U17) Boys 2-1 victory against a strong and well-organized New Jersey team.  Alessandro V. was Read more

The Importance Of Body Language?

I recently spoke to a couple of our Just4Keepers of East PA Keepers after watching them play. The topic of our conversation was how they carried themselves during the game, and how important their body language is. Body language forms such an important and integral part of any sport, especially Goalkeeping. As much as positive Read more

Is your Goalkeeping Coaching program Challenging, Progressive and Fun?

Goalkeeping is a very specific skill set that needs to be coached in a very specific learning environment. To develop on a smooth, steady curve the Topic being taught needs to challenge the individual to come to class and do well. It must focus learning on real game issues, giving students a chance to work on situations they have experienced or will experience.

Structured Pre-Game Warm Up!!

The Pre-Game Warm Up is a tried and tested Warm-up that I have used as a Keeper AND a Coach. It is a progressive warm-up beginning with working the Feet, working through the Hands, High Balls, Diving, Crosses, and Distribution.