When I ask goalkeepers about how they have played, and about the goals they have conceded, and how they could have done better, I enjoy hearing how they feel they could have possibly saved the goal, by maybe using better footwork or making a better handing, diving or positional decision. The keepers who take the time to analyze this and think about how to improve will develop quicker and be better decision makers.

On occasion I hear keepers tell me, “my defenders let me down, by letting the player get through on me”, or “the referee should have called a foul in the lead up to the goal”, or “they scored off a PK” etc. when I hear that I remind these keepers that they have to take responsibility for the position they play. Defenders WILL make mistakes, Referees WILL miss calls, and PK’s WILL happen.

Goalkeepers are THE MOST EXPOSED player on the field, we need to understand and that and realize things ARE going to happen outside of control. As keepers we NEED to make sure that we are PREPARED for situations as they arise!! At Just4 Keepers of East PA, we focus on preparing keepers for ALL situations that can happen during the game, allowing Keepers to have more techniques to choose from and enable them to make more sound decisions. The more we focus on making the save rather than making an excuse, the better off we will be, not just as keepers, but as people too!!

Enjoy and Share!!

Simon Robinson