Goalkeeping is a very specific skill set that needs to be coached in a very specific learning environment. To develop on a smooth, steady curve the Topic being taught needs to challenge the individual to come to the session and do well. It must focus learning on real game issues, giving students a chance to work on situations they have experienced or will experience.

The curriculum should be progressive, allowing the keeper to Master a specific technique then moving on to master a new technique, with the understanding of how the previous technique will help improve the next.

Of Course the Sessions need to be fun. You need a coach who has the personality to connect with the keepers and be able to not only motivate them to develop, but also be able to relate to their experiences having been in their shoes.

Providing a Challenging, Progressive and Fun environment will enable the development of a Keeper who has a solid foundation and is more competent in each aspect of goalkeeping due to having spent more time on each particular technique. The keeper will be a better decision maker having been exposed to more coaching of specific situations and how the deal with them as they arise.

At Just4keepers of PA we provide the environment keepers NEED to Succeed. Our keepers are developing into Very Solid All Round goalkeepers who are performing well on a regular basis.

Our Year-Round program allows keepers the time to Master techniques as they are not rushed through topics as they would with shorter programs. Our Curriculum moves the keeper through the program steadily and helps them increase confidence, in-game awareness, leadership, communication and how to integrate more effectively with their team.

Goalkeepers CANNOT and WILL NOT develop only spending 15-20 minutes in the goal at the end of the team session participating in shooting drills. They NEED to able to work on specifics with ‘GOALKEEPER’ coaches who can effectively work on areas that need improving and maintain and further develop the keepers Strengths.

For more information on Our Academies in PA or to attend a session for free, contact Simon Robinson simonrobinson@just4keepers.com, email us at info@j4kofeastpa.com, or click this link J4K of East PA FAQ’s!