It is imperative that a keeper know how to communicate with his/her teammates. Communication is vital to the success of the team as a whole. Without it, everything breaks down.

As a goalkeeper, communication is more commands and direction. They have to be short, simple and to the point. You can’t talk in sentences. For example, I wouldn’t say, “John, you have a guy coming down your left side. Watch him.” I would instead yell, “John, look left!” A keeper needs to state the obvious.

A keeper must be loud. Being loud allows for your teammate to hear you and it also has a psychological affect on the opposing players that are coming into your space. If a ball is crossed into my area and I come charging out screaming “KEEPER”, the player that is challenging me to the ball will, at times, not commit fully to the challenge. It also lets your players know to get out of the way because you are coming.

A keeper is not a cheerleader. This is not communication. Your teammates don’t need to know how good they are doing during the game. Save this for after. However, this does not mean you can’t tell them good job for saving you or something to that effect. Just don’t yell out blanket statements, such as, “Come on guys, you can do it.” This doesn’t help motivate. That’s what we have fans for.

For more effective ways of communication and to become a better all around keeper…please contact your local J4K coach.