Why are Soccer Clubs turning to ClubGK ?

J4K has been developing Goalkeepers and Goalkeeper coaches in 22 countries and across 5 continents since 1999, so it’s safe to say we know what we are talking about. Since launching J4K in the USA we have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback that we have received from Goalkeepers, Goalkeeper coaches and in particular hundreds of soccer clubs.

However what has stuck out in our minds is the amount of soccer clubs that have stressed their frustration of their club Goalkeeping program not having any type of consistency.

There are many reasons why soccer clubs feel they have no control over their Goalkeeping program, which we will not go into great detail here, but in brief, it is either because having a part-time Goalkeeper coach who cannot develop a fully functional Goalkeeping program (because their normal 9-to-5 day job get in the way) or losing their Goalkeeper coach who moves onto pastures new.

However what seems to be the main frustration for soccer clubs is when a Goalkeeper coach comes in and puts in a fantastic Goalkeeper coaching program, then leaves for whatever reason, then the new Goalkeeping coach comes in and wants to bring in their own system. So this means the whole club has to start again, which is obviously no good for the club, the club coaches and especially the club goalkeepers who 1000% will be affected by this change.

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