What a crazy, but good,  summer it has been! Lot’s of training for keepers looking to step up their game and be ready for the fall season. Teams are beginning their regular practice schedule, and in doing so, back to the same habits of not doing any keeper specific workouts.

Coaches, please don’t forget your keepers! It will help you as a team improve…proper handling, footwork, angles, catching….all of it will help YOUR TEAM. Don’t think of it as “not fair” to the rest of the team to have the keepers aside or going to specific training to help them develop. Think of it as bolstering your back line and improving your defense. If your’re currently not doing any more than kicking a few balls at your keeper (or having your team do it) consider encouraging them to attend Keeper training within their club or as part of a J4K academy.

We’ll work on improving techique and confidence. When a keeper improves technique and gains confidence, performance improves and in turn helps your team. So, as you lay out your plans for fall practices, don’t forget your keepers!