Just4Keepers in New Jersey is offering Futsal Goalkeeper Training this winter in Jackson New Jersey. You can read some of the benefits to a goalkeeper below as well as view a quick presentation about Futsal and Goalkeeping.

Futsal Benefits For A Goalkeeper

  • Quicker Vision/Develops scanning skills.
  • Quicker reactions resulting in saves or transition of play. 
  • Quicker footwork, resulting in better shuffling or cross over movement.
  • Changes in direction and speed of play.
  • Appropriate use of firm touch, both with hands and feet.
  • Long and short passing.
  • Attitude and confidence that is essential for making saves 
  • Passing, shooting and dribbling skills required in the other 4 v. 4 games.
  • (Because of the size of the field a goalkeeper will get a lot of chances to pass, dribble or even shoot.)
  • Transition awareness since the team can attack quickly in the other direction.
  • Team shape and the roles of each player as formations might stay the same but players rotate position depending upon situations.  

To participate in this program or to get additional information you may contact the director of coaching for just4keepers in New Jersey, Niko Alexopoulos at 732.580.2174 or email him at nikoalexopoulos@just4keepers.com