As we wind up another GREAT year of J4K of NoVA outdoor training this week, we don’t hang up the gloves for the winter. NO WAY!!!! We begin training at several fine indoor facilities this weekend. So, don’t put your gloves away after your final game this weekend, you need to continue your skill development with the J4K winter session.

All the topics we have worked on this past year (angles, shot stopping, high balls, diving, reactions, footwork, distribution) outside will continue inside. This is the BEST part of the Just 4 Keepers Goalkeeper academy  -the ability to have access to a year-round training program. It’s not a 6 or 8 week clinic and then you don’t see us again until the next season. We provide training in a fun, challenging environment year-round. It’s just as important for goalkeepers to continue getting touches on the ball as it is for field players.

In case you didn’t realize it, goalkeepers don’t share a similar set of skills with their field player teammates. That is why it’s so important for goalkeepers who are interested in improving to receive specialized training on the core skills necessary to be effective between the pipes.

Specialized training is all about providing the repetitions needed for the goalkeepers body and mind to form necessary muscle memory. When a goalkeeper doesn’t get these repetitions it will take that much longer for the developing keeper to get those touches in and create the ability to respond appropriately in a variety of situations.

So don’t leave your goalkeeping behind, come check out a J4K goalkeeper training session this winter!