Goalkeeper Fitness Training

Some people think that goalkeepers do not have to be very fit. WRONG! goalkeepers need to be extremely physically and mentally fit.

You may be in a game where you are saving shots, taking crosses, one on one’s and taking goal kicks every minuet. This is where you need physically and mentally fit.

On the other hand you may not have to do anything until the 90th minuet. This is where you have to be mentally fit and stay switch on.

For goalkeepers to get fit they need a different type of training to outfield players.

Along with the running goalkeepers need to work hard on their agility, power, strength, co-ordination and speed in different ways.

This goalkeeping video will give you a few training drills to help improve any goalkeepers fitness.

The video was filmed as part of the Just4keepers goalkeeper training.