Welcome to Just4Keepers Goalkeeper Academy

Exciting things to come in Atlanta Georgia. We welcome all ages and skill levels to try us out.

The J4K way isn’t like any other training in the US.

Goalkeeper training in Atlanta will never be the same. Real quick… How many times has your Academy Coach go and watch your game? Most of you will say never. This is just one example of why we are different.

You can expect us to cover all things goalkeeper…the basics of technical, the micro techniques, the diving, injury prevention,  game scenarios, communication, foot work, punting/passing, positioning, gear maintenance, speed/strength/agility, and the list goes on.

Currently we have private and small group sessions available from June-July (end). Please contact me via email jamesdee@just4keepers.com

In August, the Academy will start up again. Dates/Times/Locations will be posted soon. Sept-Dec will be the Fall/Winter Academy Schedule

Looking forward to another great academy season in Atlanta.