Just4Keepers, the largest and leading Goalkeeper Academy Worldwide opens in McAllen, Texas! If you are looking for specialized goalkeeper training in the Rio Grande Valley Area, you need to look no further!  Sessions are now offered at Gold’s Gym in McAllen.

Just4Keepers is the best place for Goalkeepers to come and train in a specialized environment. No matter if you are new or an experienced goalkeeper, we have a special program for you. All levels: recreational, competitive, club, middle school, high school, college, boys and girls and each session focuses on the individual development of each student.

“But I am already training with my team.” you might think, well while some soccer clubs offer goalkeeper training as a part of their services, specialized individual instruction is often overlooked due to a lack of knowledge or experience, or most of the time both. No, a goalkeeper getting shots from teammates is not specialized training! No, just because your team’s coach watched some videos on YouTube and separates the keepers from the rest of the group to do some drills on their own doesn’t mean that the goalkeepers are getting a proper training.

Goalkeeper Training in McAllen Texas

Goalkeeper Training in McAllen Texas

Are you currently training your catching and handling techniques? Footwork, like shuffle or crossover steps?  Can you control the ball with your feet? angles and positioning? Set and starting position, when and how?  Do you know how to dive properly? When and how do you come out for a cross? Can you take a goal kick or a punt? Hand distribution? Properly? There are more questions and unfortunately most young keepers and their parents don’t know about all these specific techniques.

Just4Keepers also offers its own range of professional quality goalkeeping gloves. Even though the J4k Goalkeeper Gloves were launched a few years ago, they have become a goalkeeping glove phenomenon as parents, goalkeepers and coaches appreciate what J4K is trying to do (save them money) and as a result they have become one of the most popular goalkeeping gloves globally. So with the J4K gloves you are getting high specification gloves for a very decent price!

If you are looking for goalkeeper training in RGV area, you are welcome to attend a free training session to see why many students internationally are trusting J4K with their goalkeeping development program!

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I look forward to seeing you at a goalkeeper training session in the near future!

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