This is a pretty common question asked by parents and players alike. “Does “Johnny” really need separate Goalkeeper training? Seems like he gets lots of practice with his team taking all those shots.”

On the surface, it appears that is true, but in reality, it’s not correct. What’s the saying….it takes years to undo something that has been learned incorrectly. The skill set and technique of a Goalkeeper is entirely different than that of field players. Although there are some shared components, the core of Goalkeeping is unique. Instructing the keeper to “go play in goal” while the field players rip shots may seem like it’s helping both filed players and keepers, but it’s real function is to help the field player improve shooting, not the Goalkeeper with proper technique in saving those shots.

Professional clubs have their own Goalkeeper coach/trainer that works with the keepers separately and then draws them into small sided situations and game scenarios to reinforce skills being trained. However, most local clubs don’t have that luxury, so goalkeeper training in Virginia is available with Just 4 Keepers to help fill that void.

Specific Goalkeeper training with Just 4 Keepers is specific, concentrated, and focused on the skills necessary for a Goalkeeper to be successful for whatever team they play. Repetition is a key element as well as realistic situations that boost confidence and determination. Picture a typical team practice in your mind. How many successful, realistic repetitions are afforded the keeper? With players attempting to score with each opportunity, the keeper may only get touches on a quarter of balls that he/she would be getting with Goalkeeper focused training.

Just 4 Keepers provides the environment to help the goalkeeper grow – in confidence and skill in a year-round program designed for keepers by keepers.