I started J4K of NoVa in the fall of 2012 because I saw the HUGE void in QUALITY goalkeeper training in the NOVA area.  Recreational and travel coaches alike select their keepers and place them into game situations without giving them proper training and expect the team to win. In my 8 years prior to joining J4K,  training on my own and for another top notch company, SO MANY people commented on their desire to have access to weekly training, just like their team has. That’s what J4K is about!!

In my search for local venues to host training, I have encountered much resistance by clubs to expose their players to the J4K system. The whys to that are head scratching because giving players more opportunities to improve should be a good thing, shouldn’t it?  In the eyes of many clubs and coaches, that’s not the case. Let’s not kid ourselves though, soccer is big business on the youth level, and clubs compete for your player and dollar. Not only have I experienced lots of resistance from clubs, but even trying to set up a booth at a variety of local tournaments has proved beyond frustrating. Clubs don’t want to share information for fear their players will see J4K is a better alternative to what they have.

Our training system is focused on one position and one position only – the GOALKEEPER – and we work solely with players committed to improving their play, which in turn will help all club teams. We have no agendas other than helping keepers be all they can be, on and off the field.

Our founder and CEO Ray Newland, an ex-EPL goalkeeper with experience working with all levels of youth keepers all around the world recently shared the following blog which is important for all parents.

If you have any questions about training, glove purchases, glove care …anything keeper related…..please give me a call or shoot an email. I’d be happy to help in any way I can.

Remember: Registration for Summer 2014 ID Camp June 21-22 at the Highland School in Warrenton, VA is now open. Special discounted pricing for early registration. Go to www.goalkeepercamps.net for more info.

You can reach me at 703 239-4J4K (4545) or larrydolph@just4keepers.com