This weeks topic with my 4 academy groups was FOOTWORK – using good footwork to put yourself in the correct position to make the save. Notice I didn’t say using fancy footwork….

Good footwork in preparation for a save involves short quick steps, side to side shuffling, maintaining good body posture with weight on your toes and body slightly bent at the waist. You should always try to get as much of your body behind the ball as possible through the side-to-side shuffle step. Often times, when a great deal of distance must be covered across the mouth of the goal, or when the ball is approaching over head, a drop step and/or crossover step is used, but the key to getting yourself into a good saving position is these sort steps and keeping your head and shoulders facing the shooter. Try not to turn your hips/shoulders to face the post. Once you turn these to face the post, you put yourself in what I call “superman position”. I call it that because any dive that results while your hips are facing the post turns into a straight across the goal dive creating the “bridge” under which the ball passes….

By moving your feet side to side in short, quick steps, you prepare yourself for a power step toward the shot with the foot on the side in which you are shuffling (ie moving left, step with left foot, moving right, step with right foot).

All of these quick, short steps also help keep your weight properly over the balls of you feet and allow you to get into “STOP SET” position in the blink of an eye. Long strides take  more time and prevent you from being balanced in the instant you need to react to the shot.

At J4K of NoVA, we focus on the fundamental elements of sound goalkeeping. In our year-round weekly academy we reinforce these elements and build confidence in keepers so they can be successful to their team and club. Successful goalkeeping does not happen overnight with 1 or 2 training sessions. That’s why J4K works consistently with developing keepers week-in and week-out to incrementally improve the foundation. Give us a call today for your FREE session!