Just4keepers (J4K) has been helping Goalkeepers globally since 1999 when it was founded by ex professional Goalkeeper Ray Newland in Liverpool, England the birthplace of soccer.

J4K has now become a Global Goalkeeping Phenomenon and now operates in 22 countries across 5 continents, coaching over 10,000 Goalkeepers every single week.

J4K is no normal Goalkeeper Coaching organization, as they not only have strong ethics to help Goalkeepers and the Goalkeepers parents but also helping soccer clubs worldwide. They also offer hundreds of hours of FREE Goalkeeper training sessions every single week as they believe in giving back to grass root soccer.

In fact over the past 15+ years, J4K has helped over 50,000 Goalkeepers, over 1000 Goalkeeper coaches and literally thousands of soccer clubs with their Goalkeeping, so to say J4K is unique in the Goalkeeping coaching world is an understatement.

However rather than write page after page what J4K has achieved for young Goalkeepers, soccer club and Goalkeeper coaches please just simply see below or better still Google Just4keepers and you will see why J4K is unrivaled worldwide.

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