So what is the Just4Keepers 3v3 – in Futsal Environment? – Goalkeepers have to be just as good with their feet as with their hands. They must be able to control the ball, distribute and change the point of attack. 3v3 goalkeeper only game gives the keepers an opportunity to work on their footwork, body shape, positioning among other variables. Being able to understand that as a keeper it is not enough to just pass the ball to your teammates but also understand how to offer them support is key.

All keepers can make a save but only the keeper in the box can use their hands. New Jersey Director of coaching Niko Alexopoulos has come up with this unique game, most commonly played by field players to help the goalkeepers get better with their feet but also understand better the positional adjustment of the game. Join one of the New Jersey classes now and start getting better as a goalkeeper. Check out a J4K 3v3 goalkeeper only game HERE