Over the past 20 years, and having seen tens of thousands of goalkeeper students come through the Just4keepers academies all over the world, and also helping thousands of goalkeepers to achieve their goalkeeping dreams, whether that was…

Helping our students become professional goalkeepers, semi professional goalkeepers and even helping hundreds gain a scholarship across the USA, there is one thing that separates the goalkeepers that have gone on to achieve their dreams.

And that is CONFIDENCE !

Having self belief and self confidence in oneself is one of the most over looked success treats that  is sadly not taught by most goalkeeper coaches, which is crazy because it is so so important. It is that important we wrote a book on this topic called NEXT SHOT MATTERS.

NEXT SHOT MATTERS teaches goalkeepers (and parents of goalkeepers) how to develop their self confidence and also how to bounce back quickly when a mistake is made is training or a game situation.

This success trait is so important, we have made the ebook version for FREE, as we want as many goalkeepers (and parents) as possible to understand this VITAL success trait. So to download your FREE copy, goto: https://j4ksports.co.uk/j4k-ebooks

Also for the goalkeepers that want a hard copy, we also have a paperback version. Sadly we cannot give this away for free, but have kept the price super low. So check out: https://j4ksports.co.uk/goalkeeper-diy/next-shot-book

Also if you order the paperback, if you state the name it is for on your order form, Ray Newland the author and founder of Just4keepers, will sign your book for you. ?

Whether you decide to get the ebook or paperback version, please make sure you do the action plan within the book, and read this book at least once per month because it can be potentially life changing, and give you the edge on your competition!

So please remember to achieve your goalkeeping dreams, it is more than just great natural goalkeeping ability, it is also about confidence !!!!