Question? Twisted Your ankle?


How many times have your turned over or sprained your ankle while paying or training???

I personally have forgot how many times I have sprained my ankle o er the years, and every time I have done this, it does not get any easier… it still really really hurts ????

One of the most delicate parts of a goalkeepers body is their ankles, because for a lot of the time, especially in training, we are changing direction on a dime, and if you misplace your foot by a fraction, or the ground is uneven the consequences is a sprained ankle… or worse!

This is why a lot of goalkeepers strap up their ankles up to prevent this injury from happening. But the only thing with strapping your ankles up all the time, you can actually weaken your ankles because they get use to something supporting them, bandages or straps for example.

Because I had glass ankles when I played and I sprained both that many times, I would always strap my ankles up… BUT I would also do some type of exercise EVERYDAY to strengthen my ankles, even if was balancing on one foot exercise,.

Like me, I believe every goalkeeper young and old, should have some form of strengthening exercise to help make their ankles stronger. Because the stronger your ankles, will lesson the risk of getting injured.

This is why I brought out the J4K balance board in 2018, so watch this 40 second video below.

Also, please note, there are exercises you can do without a balance board, but I believe a balance board is one of the best ways to strengthen your ankles.

You can do it at home, and it will save your or your parents ornaments ????Because even though you can also bring a ball into this type of training, a ball is not needed,

Also, if you are coming from a foot or leg injury, I cannot recommend a balance board enough as it helps speed up recovery,

If there is a exercise that you use to strengthen your ankles, please share below ????