An often overlooked skill for developing goalkeepers is how to get back to their feet as quickly and efficiently as possible to make a successful second save.

Having watched hours and hours of younger goalkeepers play in matches, there are a fair number of saves that could have been made had the keeper gotten back to their feet quicker. Placing the hands on the ground or stepping up with the wrong knee reduces the time to make a save or oftentimes, puts the keeper in an awkward position from a balance standpoint to successfully make the second save.

During J4K of NoVA training we emphasize maintaining control of the ball first and foremost. Should a second save be required, we work on rocking on the hip, kicking with our upper leg, keeping hands in a good catching position without putting them on the ground. Then using proper footwork the goalkeeper is able to move across the goal to be ready for the next shot.

Some players say, “why does all this matter if I can make the save anyway?” My response to this is usually “How many times have you not made a clean save, given the ball back to the other team, and they get a quick second shot off before you’re able to put yourself in a position to make a save?” Usually the answer is “sometimes”….So I ask, “so during those “sometimes” could you have gotten up quicker, moved your feet more efficiently and put your hands in a different position to have saved the shot?”  “Yea, probably” is the general answer. Which is why we at J4K of NoVA reinforce all the goalkeeping techniques through lots of confidence building repetitions. To help the keepers to be more successful in their matches!

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