Goal setting is important in all aspects of development. Whether that be career goals, personal development or in sports. Visualizing what you what to achieve and how you will get there helps you follow the path to reaching the goal. Some goals are short-term while others are long term. Either way, set some basic achievable milestones to gauge your progress. If your goal is a long term one, break it into several shorter term goals ultimately leading to the final long range goal.

This goal setting should apply to all developing goalkeepers with regard to their training. Don’t just go to training to train. Have something specific in mind that you want to improve. If you’re struggling with receiving crosses, your goal for the next several months should be to collect high balls/crosses in training without spilling. Or if you are struggling with collecting ground balls cleanly on diving to your left side, that should be your goal: to consistently make clean saves going left. If you need help with quickness and agility, then during all the exercises concentrate on moving your feet quickly through the cones/gates. Or finally, if you have trouble catching the ball cleanly when it’s hit directly at you, keep telling yourself “catch, catch, catch” over and over and over. See if you can catch more than you drop each week.

During our goalkeeper training sessions in Virginia we break down the technique for younger keepers to see all the different aspects that go into making a successful save. It’s not just as simple as catching the ball…it requires proper hand positioning and footwork to get behind the ball and then using grip strength and good eye contact to follow the ball all the way through the save.  We try and help young goalkeepers see how all the different pieces fit together and how important paying attention to the small details is.

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