My thoughts on that are: Goalkeepers need as much training and repetition in the goal as possible. Goalkeeping has become such a vital and specialized position that a team can not excel in higher level competition with out it. To top it all off a goalkeeper should be great with his hands as well as his feet. He should have light hands and quick feet. He should be able to read the game and situations before any other player since he has the best view on the field, analyze them, position himself and react quickly. With that being said if a goalkeeper has the opportunity to not only play and train indoors but actually do that in a futsal environment even better. Futsal is normally played on a hard surface as opposed to the American turf indoor game. Being able to react to the quicker pace of the futsal game either in the goal or as a field player sets the goalkeeper for quicker better habits in the goal, and aids him in the slower outdoor game.

More and more teams are opting for small sided games even past the age of 11. Outdoor leagues like the Elite Futures Soccer League have been created and emphasize the advantages of small sided games. New Jersey finally has caught up with other states in realizing and accepting the advantages of small sided games. Pros in Europe and South America use small sided games as part of their daily training. Now combine this with the speed that Futsal brings and we have a serious, fast paced, small sided game that will improve any player’s, touches on the ball, decision making and game awareness.

At just4keepers we believe that a goalkeeper should not only train at a specialize goalie environment but also within a team and field player environment. Being able to play in a fast pace field environment where he is constantly being utilized as the last player and is allowed to handle the ball with his feet and redistribute is a massive advantage.