Parents and players are always asking about what can be done in the “off” season. As a developing goalkeeper, you shouldn’t have an true “off” season where you don’t do anything keeper related for an extended period of time. Just keeping your hands on the ball in some fashion during the times when you are not playing is important in maintaining your development. Things as small as doing hand-eye coordination exercises with the ball, punch juggling, footwork, and strength training will continue to help you. Heck, it sure can’t hurt!

Some great power and strength exercises come from using a plyo box where you jump up to boxes of varying heights. Simple core strength exercises like holding a plank position, both front and side for time every day is a great! You’ll definately see an increase in your core strength if you do these everyday during the year!

Footwork exercises, like the ones below can be done in the gym or drive, without the hurdles shown. You can use cones or other similar sized objects. The important part is to do them at a quick pace. Just gong through the motions slowly won’t have the intended effect. Remember, the quickness of a goalkeepers feet can mean the difference in getting to a ball and making a save. No matter how great your hands or dive might be, if you can’t put your body in a good position by moving your feet, the save won’t follow.

Watch J4K Coach Lewis Bishop demonstrate some good basic footwork exercises you can do away from the field: