I found just4keepers whilst on the hunt for a pair of gloves online. However, what i discovered was a place for keepers both young and old that provides excellent advice, high quality gloves (the J4K Pro Duel are fantastic in the wet and dry and i can’t speak highly enough of them) and kit for an extremely honest price that I haven’t found anywhere else online. The free courses on offer are spot on and are genuinely helpful and Ray is around on emails if you have any questions. I wish I’d discovered J4K sooner!

Ben Hatt

J4k gloves really are great value for money and I believe better quality than most big brands you get in shops

David Doody

He is a picture of J4K coach Gavin McInerney and myself. I currently use the J4K Reaction gloves for training. I have a pair of Pro Rolls from last fall that I have used in over 20 games and I still use them for higher level training/shooting practice. I just bought the Pro Negative Cut gloves for this spring season and have used them in one game so far and I love them just as much as the Pro Rolls. Most comfortable and durable gloves I have ever used and I have tried most every kind out there.


J Gonzalez III

I have been playing in goal for just 2 years and started at J4K straight away. Since then I have been picked for the school team. J4K teaches me the skills to give me the confidence to believe that one day I will make it as a goalkeeper.

Thank you J4K.

R Harrington

Got man of the match this Sunday, 3rd time this season since I moved in goal, thanks J4K

R Newman

I have been attending J4K lessons for approximately 5 years and in that time my goalkeeping skills have developed a lot. The training sessions are focussed on developing goalkeeping skills such as handling, distribution, kicking, footwork and speed. I would highly recommend J4K goalkeeping lesson to any keeper who wants to develop themselves and with the support from J4K, may achieve their ambition of making it to a professional level.

C wainwright

This glove is the best I have worn since I took up the Keeper position 6 years ago. Comfort and fit second to none = confidence.