Goalkeeping is a specialist position which many take for granted. More often than not, goalkeepers are remembered as villains than heroes.

For goalkeepers to handle the pressure of a game situation, They need to have many mental, physical and technical attributes that, when perfected, will make them great goalkeepers.

Below has a list of skills that goalkeepers need.

  • Basic soccer skills (Being able to control, pass and distribute the soccer ball)
  • Ball handling (Being able to catch the soccer ball in different situations)
  • Positioning (Knowing where and when to stand in your goal)
  • Quick reflexes (Being able to move quickly to save a shot)
  • Agility (Moving fast around your goal, quick feet)
  • Judgement (Timing challenges and judging when to come off your line)
  • Command of the penalty area (helping the team to keep its shape and communicating with defenders
  • Commitment and composure (A good goalkeeper never gives up)

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