As hard as it is to come back from a beach vacation, there’s a lot to look forward to with Academy training getting back into full swing. The fall pre-season is just around the corner and lots of goalkeepers have been taking it easy this summer. Why not come check out the J4K training program to get you back on your game, and then stick with us throughout the season to keep you in top form??

 A word of congratulations to J4K Keepers Kian Manafi for the VSA Heat Blue 96 Boys team and Justin Ennis for the Bethesda Lions 98 Boys team for their accomplishments in helping their respective teams in their National competitions recently. Kian’s Heat Blue competed in the AYSO Presidents Cup National Finals in Florida, and Justin’s Lions in the US Soccer National Youth Championships in Kansas. Although neither team brought home the championship, you both have made me and the coaches of J4K USA very proud. Your hard work and dedication to the position are a great example of the level that J4K can help you achieve!

Lots of good things going on! Watch for a new venue beginning in September and working on the location for next summer’s Identification Camp. More info to come soon!