I’m not sure where time has gone…its seems like I was just in Wilson, NC at the Regional ID Camp with Ray and Coach Tim Hall. Now, we’re moving indoors for our winter session beginning in just over two weeks. CRAZY!!

The past year has been great working with lots of young goalkeepers! Lots of improvement has been made, but now’s not the time to take off and be away from the ball until your team gets back together outside in March. Some teams do play in winter indoor leagues, but how many keepers will continue on their development path by training this winter? Some, but not enough! This is EXACTLY why J4K is a YEAR-ROUND program. At the goalkeeper position, it’s really important to not take a step back and forgo quality GK touches on the ball. Now’s he time to work on reactions, footwork, and catching all in tight space and out of the elements inside!

Lot’s of players play other sports – basketball or volleyball  for example. I encourage cross training as it helps with agility, coordination, and understanding team play. What’s important is that body position, footwork and catching techniques all differ for a soccer goalkeeper compared with other sports. Winter goalkeeper training with J4K is a detailed approach that will help your keeper understand the differences in these techniques and why they are so important to a quality goalkeeper.  Don’t delay, signup now as spaces are limited!!