The goal we defend is an awfully large space isn’t it? Eight yards wide by 8 feet tall is a pretty substantial area to cover for a keeper.  How do the best keepers in all ages and levels cover all that space?

In addition to having great footwork to move about the goal area, the best goalkeepers make the area in which the attacking player is shooting DRAMATICALLY smaller by taking a good angle, or positioning themselves in the best spot possible to make that goal much smaller.


To do that a keeper needs good spacial awareness to know where they are in the goal area in relation to the ball. Imagine a straight line runs from the middle of the ball to the middle of the goal no matter where the ball is positioned on the field. The goalkeeper must step forward of their goal line and make that shooting “window” very small. By being able to cover the angled shot to the near post or far post with a one step dive is ultimately the best position to be in. By coming off the goal line and covering the angle you make it much harder for a shooter to find space to score.

During goalkeeper training with Just 4 Keepers of Northern VA angle play and positioning is one of the many topics we cover in our weekly classes with our students.  Contact us to find out how you can get a FREE session and see how you can better cover your angles in your next match!