Effort is defined as “an earnest or strenuous attempt.” Examples include “His effort at training today was outstanding!” and “she gave little effort to getting down to those low shots.”

So, how many can say their effort during training is outstanding, or even very good? How many times have you heard the phrase give “110%”? Do you put forth that type of effort at training? Another common cliche is “garbage in, garbage out” meaning if you are not putting in the effort during training, not working hard, you will get nothing out of it. We at Just 4 Keepers are committed to helping all levels of goalkeepers improve their game and achieve their goals, no matter how large or small. Our goalkeeper training in Northern Virginia focuses on developing the whole keeper: mental, physical, technical and tactical. No matter what the environment, private sessions, our weekly group sessions, or training for clubs. We want to help our players do their best in our to help their teams be successful. However, the player has the ultimate responsibility ti put in the energy and effort to improve. Not just on sunny warm days, but on the rainy cold days too. When you think to yourself  “I’ve done this exercise 1, 000 times before” do it for the 1,001st time. Sometimes, the challenge of training may seem mundane, but its the focusing on the small details like hand position, shape, body position that will make the difference between keeping a ball out of the net and not.

We consistently emphasize to the players that they will perform in their games how they train. If they train slowly and without energy and effort, their game performance will show it. Without a doubt the habits they develop and refine during weekly training will show themselves in game situations. So if their effort is lacking or lazy, come game time they will not be prepared to respond and react to the variety of situations they are presented with. Again, it comes down to the attention to detail and putting in the effort during training to master all of the position, not just the things you like to do. I often have players say “I can’t dive to my left” or “I’m terrible with my left foot”. Well, if you focus on trying to improve those things during training, over time when you are put in a situation where you have to dive to your left or use your left foot, you are more comfortable with these. It’s when during training you ignore or give minimal effort to improve these things that game performance will mirror the preparation put in.

I recommend players watch training videos of professional goalkeepers and their training routines. Pay particular attention to the effort and energy they put into training. These are the best keepers in the world and the effort and energy they give to stay on top of their game is amazing. So as a developing goalkeeper if you cannot give all your effort and energy to training, how will you become better?  Even in a group session with your club, challenge yourself! Even when you think it’s not challenging enough, challenge yourself! Give all your effort and train like a pro! It is our belief that the Keeper position is something that requires consistent, on going training and not something that can be learned and perfected immediately.

The benefits of a successful performance come from the effort and energy YOU put in.