Wow, Where did that time Go?

I honestly cannot believe that we just passed our five year anniversary.

We first started talking about starting J4K in PA back in September 2010. Joe had been researching Goalkeeping coaching when he came across Just4Keepers and he brought the concept to me. We talked about the void it could fill in the area, and the enjoyment we would get out of doing it, and decided to give it a go.

Our First camp was in between Christmas and New Year 2010 with 15 keepers. We then began our weekly academy sessions in January 2011 and had two locations: Warminster (Central Bucks) and Conshohocken (Central Montco).

We later added Pottstown (North Montco) and Lehigh in the spring of 2013. North Bucks was added in the Spring of 2015.

We have coached over 1,000 keepers in that time at either our Academy, a Clinic, or one of our Camps. We have seen some incredible development and are very proud of each and every keeper who has been part of the program.

J4K for me is much more than just coaching keepers. It’s about also helping to develop young adults by showing them how focus, hard work and dedication are so important both on and off the field. It’s about mentoring and inspiring Goalkeeping Monsters to increase their ability and comfort zone and be with them every step of the way as they develop.

I’m thankful for all the keepers who have been involved over the years and for the parents who have trusted us with the development of their keepers. I’m thankful for the bonds that have been created and the connections that will last a lifetime.

It’s so cool to see some of our older Alumni keepers come back and not only help with coaching, but also enjoy taking part in the session still. I tell the keepers all the time we are coaching the keepers of this generation. Seeing some of our High school group help with the younger group and gain valuable coaching experience is huge and a very proud moment!

I’m hopeful we can continue to grow as a Goalkeeping specific program and can continue to gain the trust of the parents and keepers who are the backbone of our Academies, Clinics and Camps!

I’d like to thank Joe for bringing the idea of J4K to me and partnering with me for 5 years. I want to thank Michelle Zubyk. She has been with J4K for just over a year, and has helped structure the back end of J4K of East PA. This commitment has allowed us to focus more on the coaching and development of our keepers.

I Want to thank my Wife Lori and Daughter Sophie for their constant support. As your keepers inspire you guys as parents, Sophie inspires me and is my inspiration for doing all this!

Here’s to the Next FIVE Years!!