keepers and their parents are finally and thankfully starting to realise that when the so called big brands pay for their professional goalkeepers to wear their glove brands, there is only one person who this cost gets passed onto… yes thats correct, you the customer.

Below is an amazing email that was sent him by goalkeeper and goalkeeping parent nick rogers who is no longer taken in by paying over the odds for goalkeeper gloves….

Nicks Story… take note all goalkeepers and especially the parents of goalkeepers.

It can be a very expensive business supporting your Child on his goalkeeping adventure…

after spending over 40 years between the sticks myself, I couldn’t be prouder when my son decided to  follow in my footsteps!!

Josh came into football late and didn’t start playing til he was 13…now a 6ft 2” goby 15 yr old teenager, he is developing brilliantly and this year he had the pleasure of attending the Just4keepers residential course in Leicester, UK which was amazingly run and more importantly he learnt loads….

After playing for years I know how important a good pair of mits are!! Josh in his early days had a few pairs of Just4keepers goalkeeping gloves along with some UHL sports, Nike and Adidas ones…all lower level and cheaper goalkeeper gloves, however as he developed I felt it was prudent to up the glove spec and give something that will help him!

So the beginning of last season I invested in a couple of pairs of Just4keepers Venom goalkeeper gloves and at Christmas he had some J4K Fusions which were all great, hard wearing and really worked well in all conditions!

However as his birthday was getting closer(early April), due to the peer pressure of all the pro keepers using the big names, he decided that J4K wasn’t a good name so invested in a pair of top of the range Adidas gloves!

£120 later, he now has the glove of gloves… Or so we thought.

After just two games they were worn the palms were completely shot and looked like they were 5 months old!

(Plus one very upset teenager! and one upset Dad, who’s is £120 lighter in the pocket!)

So off we go back to Just4keeper with tail between our legs, we spoke to one the guys at J4K via email and did us a great deal on a pair of J4K goalkeeper gloves these gloves have been immense, super grippy, comfortable to wear and more importantly the wear on them is hardly anything(been using solidly for the last month)….and the great bit is they are 70% cheaper than any of the leading brands…which clearly is great for Bank of Dad!

Josh plays and trains 5-6 days a week and works extremely hard on all expects of his game and always is willing to learn, he will be the 1st to say now… I’m sticking with J4K goalkeeper gloves for the future’ they give great performance and are certainly helping in his development!

Keep up the great work J4K because we won’t be changing!!

Best regards

Nick Rogers